Our Process



Applicants are to register with Corporate Visions and duly adhere to the terms and conditions before setting them out upon their chosen career paths. With the assistance of CVI’s executive personnels, promising candidates are carefully chosen to contribute to the success of every party involved.



Application Form

Considered as a mandatory step, jobseekers are obliged to fill out an application form containing the necessary details for CVI to review their background. In accordance with CVI’s stringent hiring practices, any false information provided would reflect upon all future applications.



Psychological Examination

A psychological examination is administered to help better gauge applicant's behavior, personality and capabilities. This step is very important in determining the jobseeker’s compatibility with the position being applied for, as well as in understanding the skills and talents that they bring to the table. It also helps identify any areas of opportunity that needs to be addressed in order to help applicants down a successful career path.



Initial Interview

The applicant undergoes an initial interview conducted by our hiring professionals. Here, jobseekers are evaluated based on their response to a set of questions. The panel will then deliberate and conclude whether or not their credentials are suitable for their opted position.



Client Interview

Applicants who have passed the initial interview are then invited for a final interview with the client. Here, our clients can gauge firsthand if an applicant would be a good fit for their company and to the position that they have applied for.



Medical Examination

To ensure that a potential hire would be able to perform to the full extent of their capabilities and the expectations of the client, candidates are required to undergo a thorough medical examination. Candidates are expected to pass health checks, drug testing, and/or further psychological evaluation. All results are kept confidential.



Submission of Requirements

To proceed with the hiring process, the jobseeker is required to present the following::

  • NBI/Police Clearance

  • Brgy. Clearance

  • PSA Birth Certificate

  • High School/College Diploma

  • Form 138/TOR

  • Certificate of Employment

  • Medical/Health Card

  • SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig and TIN

  • (2) PCS 1x1 & 2x2 Picture



Upon completion of requirements, the applicant is then invited to an orientation seminar to receive briefing of the rules and regulations. The employer’s expectations and contract terms will be addressed during the briefing whilst the employee’s expectations will also be explored. Depending on the client’s specifications, applicants are required to attend one or more orientations or seminars before being formally endorsed to the client.



This is where everything is formalized and meticulously documented as mandated by the government. The official contract signing is held during this procedure along with the internal discussion of the employee’s incentives and violations, setting of the key performance indicators, and laying out the actions of the employee. This is a compulsory method for deducing the applicant’s future career path. All records are kept with accordance to company policy for proper recordkeeping.




After a successfull deliberation of the staffing process, chosen applicants are duly congratulated and officially introduced to the client as the newest member of their company. Upon endorsement, CVI remains with both the employer and the employee to provide any help necessary to ensure the success of both parties. CVI will see to it that the extent of our help does not end in the production of an exceptional, hardworking professional.